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to the website of the priory of Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitallers, Dacia.

The priory of Dacia is the Danish part of the Knight Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitallers (OSJ-KH),
which includes units in all parts of the world.
This site provides information about organization and activities in Denmark, using the different menu items.
The order is called daily OSJ-KH or the Order of Malta. It is a Christian, humanitarian knight with roots dating back to the Corinthian era.
Until the Reformation in 1536, all founder members of the Kingdom of Denmark had Johannite monasteries, where they took care of those who needed help. Today, the words are a modern and efficient humanitarian organization - but still have the historical traditions and rituals that ballast. The order is led by Grandmaster H.R.H. Prince Karl Vladimir Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia.
The order has preserved the ancient ideals, and is still tied together with Christian faith and charity. The royal charter of the Order states in this way: "The order is an international, ecumenical, humanitarian and Christian association. By the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and his work, the main goal is to engage in humanitarian activities and to protect the Christian faith" This is reflected in the motto of the Order: Pro Fide - Pro Utilitate hominum - For the faith - for the benefit of humanity.

The order today carries out its activities based on voluntary, unpaid work. The order's main focus is the humanitarian work driven by the orders' projects. The Orders' projects are self-financing through fundraising and sponsorship, the minimum operating costs are covered by membership contributions. It can therefore be said with the best conscience that all funds are untapped for the purpose for which they are intended.
If you are interested in hearing more about the Danish Priory or the Order, or to support our work economically, feel free to contact us.

H.R.H Prince Karl Vladimir and H.R.H princess Brigitta Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia
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